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Rach showed me the SugarLove wedding catalogue on the website and I was instantly impressed. The photos were very well taken โ€“ candid shots that focused on both special or simple moments that people were actually doing on the day. Bradley and Leigh made us feel so comfortable and able to talk through the multitude of questions (demands) we had. The showed very sincerely this day was important and all the necessary steps to capture it would be taken in earnest. Brad added to the day in so many ways. No one can remember him being there but Rach and I. He was calm, very capable, creative and methodical in a way that gave us all confidence in him and ourselves, which is important. Finally, the result. All I can say is look for yourself. Our family and friends have spent many hours going through the photos and many said theyโ€™re the best wedding photos they have ever seen.

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