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Just wanted to say thanks for our beautiful wedding photos. They are the perfect balance of capturing heartfelt as well as fun moments, whilst still providing some more formal aspects that our traditions require. We will treasure them always. Bradley was the perfect choice for our photographer – a great attitude, a big strong man to control our crazy loving families and light footed enough to barely notice him. His calmness was helpful in what can be potentially stressful situations. We just love the photos – Brad is a gem! I was pouring over them – (Conrad couldn’t believe how long it took me to look at each photo) They are absolutely gorgeous, it is amazing how he gets the right light/blurs the background a little and captures those moments. I adore his photography and wish him luck in his directorial debut. I remember looking at an editorial of your wedding when we chose Bradley and thinking we loved that style and elegance, so knew he would get what we wanted.

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