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morocco – suzy & ian

photography/videography: SugarLove Weddings
location: Tigmi, Marrakech

Being flown to Marrakech to cover an epic wedding in a boutique hotel sounds like a photographer’s dream come true and it was. Our clients emailed from London after finding out we were enroute to another wedding in Italy just one week after theirs. Could we change our flights to come over from Australia? Definitely. It was serendipity when they found their dream location, Tigmi after a late-night pub crawl in London when a friend mentioned his family owned a hotel in Morocco that might be suitable for their unique getaway.

The natural colour palette of the hotel were perfect for the couples additional jewel coloured theme. Splashes of colour on cushions & scarves were added – perfect for the Northern African light. The wedding doubled as a 3day getaway for most of the couple’s guests with “relaxed and romantic” becoming the buzz words of the trip. Our highlights – apart from shooting in Morocco of course include racing to the rooftops of Tigmi to capture the last few moments of the sun setting over the Atlas Mountains, capturing images of over 100 meters of floating pink fabric swaying in the wind that had been hand dyed by the Bride’s Mum and Sister and capturing the couple’s pre-dinner dance rehearsal in one of the hidden corridors of Tigmi. The light was sublime, the architecture iconic and most of all we were there to capture some of the first private moments of married life between such a wonderful couple.

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