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melanie & tyrina

photography/videography: SugarLove Weddings
location: Bracken Ridge Vineyard Estate, Hunter Region, NSW

brides & bridemaids: Jenet Zaiter
caterer: Sprouts Gourmet Catering Sprouts Gourmet Catering
stationery by Brides with design by Robbie Ellis
vintage Décor sourced by Brides.
stylist: Gavin Kirk.
music: The Baker Boys Band

When the couple who are booking you to capture their wedding day say their theme is “Kiss More Often” you know you’re in for a special event. Melanie & Tyrina chose a lovely vineyard in the Hunter Valley region of NSW for their special day and created a fun filled, heartwarming wedding that was simple yet classy and full of style yet easy going.

The girls “gratitude promises” vowed to kiss more often, love more each day, hug tighter, dance together and recognise the binding of two beautiful families. Our photo shoot amongst the vines was so much fun and full of laughter. The garden party right through to the dancing and speeches under the stars were nothing short of perfect. In what can only be described as one of the happiest days we have ever captured this wedding was definitely a case of a couple destined to be together forever.

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